Autism Awareness

My younger brother was diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome a few years ago. I took these photos as a way to try to spread awareness of the autism spectrum. I’m still learning about it, and I’m by no means an expert, but I am trying to understand. I used the pattern of the autism awareness ribbon as inspiration. Imagine trying to put together a puzzle, but you’re missing most of the pieces, and the pieces you do have don’t seem to fit together in any coherent way. That’s just a fraction of what I imagine it might be like to have autism. We tend to take eye contact, subtle facial expressions, and bodily queues for-granted. Try to think about how it is for those who don’t see these social queues. But I believe there is hope. If we combine efforts, I believe we can put the pieces of this puzzle together. Sometimes it can be hard, but we all try to understand each other.

Here are some websites with information about autism: Autism Society, Autism Speaks

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