This is the follow-up to my last post, where you’ll get to find out what my big surprise was!

This was the wrapping for the present my boyfriend got me. WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! As soon as he wrapped it I couldn’t stop freaking out because I wanted to open it so bad, even when there was nothing in it. haha. The cupcakes are so cute!

There’s a dinosaur nest in this box!

This is the card that was in the box. It reads, “Brandi, you’re turning 22! and I think it would be dinomote…” The card was designed by my boyfriend and drawn by his sister. My favourite kind of dinosaur is on it! And oh how I love bad puns!

The inside of the card reads: “if you picked me as your player 2!” Hmmm… what could that mean? It sounds like a Valentine’s Day card, only it’s not Valentine’s Day… (I was kind of oblivious). =P Dinosaurs playing video games?! What could be more awesome?

Hmmm… this egg opens. And what’s inside? A jewelry box?

*GASP* It’s a ring! A custom made ring! The symbols on either side are from the buttons on the Playstation controller. He PROPOSED to me!

Of course I said “YES!”

Here’s me happily with my ring. I love it!

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5 Responses to Birthday

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  4. Jessica says:

    If it’s okay, where did your current husband have the custom ring made? I would like to do the same to my boyfriend, but with a Master Ball.

    • brandimiller says:

      He had it made by an employee at Eskew’s Jewelry, but technically it wasn’t through Eskew’s. It was made by a family friend of ours who worked at Eskew’s and he was willing to make the ring for us since he knew us. If you’re looking for a custom ring, I’d recommend looking on because they have lots of amazing hand-made items, and many vendors there are willing to take custom orders. Good luck!

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