Shelter Animals

These are the last few pictures from Warrensburg Animal Shelter, but I did start volunteering for a shelter called Animal FAIR, so I will probably have pics up from there soon. I believe all the pets in this post have already been adopted, but there are always animals in shelters that need homes, so next time you are looking for a pet, please check your local shelter! Above  is Mika and she’s a 3-year-old domestic long hair.

This was a kitty that I just wanted to take home with me because she was so cute and hilarious! She had a lot of energy and was constantly jumping around and pouncing on things or jumping 5 feet into the air when she got scared. It was so adorable! She started attacking this toy, and then would stop and “pose” for me to take a picture, then start attacking it again! Her name is Care Bear, and she was about 4 months old when I took the picture.

This one didn’t have an ID made yet, so I don’t know its name or anything, but she was very beautiful!

The Warrensburg Animal Shelter also takes in animals other than cats and dogs! This little bunny was there when I came to visit.

This is a guinea pig that was there looking for a home. I believe his name was Demetri.

Warrensburg Animal Shelter can be found on Facebook.

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