Shelter Dog Photos

Here’s another dog from Animal FAIR (Foundation for Animals In Risk), where I volunteer to take photos. His name is Jay and he’s a male 2 year old mix (they think Catahoula Leopard Dog) looking for a home. He actually has one brown eye and one blue eye. Really cute! I just took one photo of him to replace his previous headshot (from a different photographer). The shelter got comments that in his photo he looked “mean”, so I tried to take one where he looks more like the sweetie he really is. He can be found on Petfinder.


These next two dogs have already been adopted, but I still wanted to show their photos because they are cuties.

This is Ariel.


And this is Pontz, Ariel’s brother. Aren’t they cute?


It’s easy to get puppies and small dogs like Ariel and Pontz adopted, but since Jay is an older and larger dog, it’s harder for him to find a home. That’s why I hope taking pictures and sharing them will help out!

Animal FAIR can be found on Facebook. They are based in Sedalia, Missouri. If you are interested in adopting Jay, call Phyllis at 660-620-2590. Share this post with anyone you think may be interested.

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2 Responses to Shelter Dog Photos

  1. How sad! I hope Jay will find a new home soon. He looks so sad! 😦 I really love animals and it’s so sad to see them without having an “owner” – or better said: a partner!

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