The Art Store

I work at an art supply store called The Art Store, and last semester I took a few photos of their products to make a brochure for them. The Art Store is the bright orange building! I love the color.

These are the Progresso woodless colored pencils we sell. They last longer than regular colored pencils, plus you can shade easier with them!


The Art Alternatives canvases we sell. We have so many I was able to make a huge tower out of them, and this wasn’t even all of them!


This is the DMC Embroidery Floss we sell. We have a ton of different colors.


Golden Open Acrylics are great because they stay wet longer than normal acrylics. It’s kind of like a transition between oils and acrylics.


We have many colors of Holbein oil pastels, as well.


These are Liquitex Freestyle Brushes. They’re my favorite brushes I’ve used so far! They’re really well balanced and high quality.


These are Pebeo Acrylics. They’re surprisingly affordable, plus they have some in awesome fluorescent or iridescent colors.


Princeton Snap Brushes are really affordable, and work great for the cost!

You can view the finished brochure on the advertising page of my website. It’s the 5th and 6th one down in the gallery.

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