Behind the Scenes: Dungeons & Dragons

Are you ever curious what goes on behind the scenes in my photographs? I’ve decided to share some of my production shots so you can see!


Here’s what the final product looks like. My photograph “Dungeons and Dragons.” Now let’s look at what it took to get this shot.


Here I’ve labeled everything. I have a main light source with a yellow gel in front of it, and a “gobo” in front of that. The gobo is cut to look like blinds so it looks like the light is coming from a window. The still life is set up in the center and the camera stand is in front of it. Then I have a diffuser and a blue gel in front of my fill light. The idea for the lighting was to imitate warm sunlight coming through blinds, and a cooler light source somewhere else in the room (perhaps a computer monitor left on).


Here I have some more angles so you can see how everything is set up.


I hope this helps you get the idea of what goes in to my photographs.

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