Ignacio: Adoptable

This is Ignacio, a male Domestic Short Hair, looking for a home. He’s available at Animal FAIR (Foundation for Animals In Risk).

Ignacio has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, also known as Feline AIDS. This is not transferable to people, dogs, or other critters. Only felines have it and it can only be transmitted through fang bites, but Ignacio is such a sweetie he hasn’t even thought about biting the foster cats he lives with! He’s a special needs kitty that will need to stay indoors and have a special diet. He can be found on PetFinder.

Animal FAIR can be found on Facebook. They are based in Sedalia, Missouri. If you are interested in adopting Ignacio, call Beverly at 660-829-4252. Share this post with anyone you think may be interested, and together we can find a home for this sweet little kitty!

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3 Responses to Ignacio: Adoptable

  1. Amanda Jolly says:

    ADORABLE!!!! Wish I could adopt all the kitties!!! ❤

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