Highlands in the Burg 2013


This year I was able to go see the Highland Games in Warrensburg, Missouri, or as they call it “Highlands in the Burg.” I had never been to a Highland Games event before, and it was really impressive seeing what they could do! Above is the Sheaf Toss.

_DSC0174This is a baby Highland Cow. It was super adorable, and fluffy like a dog! I wanted to take it home with me.

_DSC0186Some of the clans brought weapons. I enjoyed this Lord of the Rings inspired sword.

_DSC0201He has his own dragon!

_DSC0203There was also live music at the event.

_DSC0214Women competed, too! This is the Stone Put.

_DSC0217Stone put, and a fluttering kilt!

_DSC0239This is the Weight Put. This shot makes me think “The hills are alive with the sound of music!”

_DSC0256Stone Put

_DSC0272This event is Weight for Height.

_DSC0281I thought the Wonder Woman shirt was particularly appropriate.

_DSC0308And finally, a parade! Always awesome to see someone playing the bagpipes.

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2 Responses to Highlands in the Burg 2013

  1. Gemma says:

    This looks awesome. Looking at them women throwing the puts makes me want to start working out again.

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