Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Baby Giraffe

I recently took a vacation to Colorado with some friends. The first place we went was the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. It’s a beautiful zoo, and it’s literally on the side of a mountain, so the layout is really neat and you often get to view the animals from above without bars in the way! This made for some great photo opportunities. Above is a baby giraffe, which is one of the first animals we saw!

Giraffe Lick

Can you see this giraffe’s tongue? The giraffes were obsessed with licking these poles for some reason! Makes you wonder how they taste!

African CraneThis is an African Crane. I just love the hairdo on this bird!

MeerkatMeerkats are one of my favorites to see! They’re so cute and fluffy!

The LookoutAnother meerkat, at his watch post.

Cheyenne Mountain ZooHere’s a panorama showing some of the zoo. You can kind of see the layout I was talking about, and the gorgeous view from the zoo!

LionessA lovely lioness.

LionAnd the lion! This lion had been looking away, but one of my friends heard one of the workers say what his name was, so we started saying his name, and he actually looked up at us and that’s how I was able to get this picture!

Elephant BathWe caught this elephant while it was taking a bath!

The Peacock

Lazy Gators


Proud Peahen with ChicksThis was a female peacock with a white coloring. Not fully albino, but a really rare color for a peacock. It was sitting down, and a guy came up and touched it, and when it stood up there were three little babies underneath! So cute!

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