Alex Greenshpun Photography

"Why I Wake Early" by Alex Greenshpun

“Why I Wake Early” by Alex Greenshpun

It’s been a while since I’ve featured another artist. I’d like to get into doing that again! This is a feature on Alex Greenshpun Photography.

"The Tiny Sir" by Alex Greenshpun

“The Tiny Sir” by Alex Greenshpun

Alex recently won a contest on deviantART with the theme “Cats and Dogs.” She won with the above photo, titled “The Tiny Sir.” I can see why! It’s an adorable cat and a great photo! I love how the eyes really stand out.

"Happy Days" by Alex Greenshpun

“Happy Days” by Alex Greenshpun

Alex is a photographer from Israel and she has many beautiful photos featuring nature and animals.

"You Talkin' to Me?" by Alex Greenshpun

“You Talkin’ to Me?” by Alex Greenshpun

You can find Alex on Facebook, deviantART, and her website

"Round and Round" by Alex Greenshpun

“Round and Round” by Alex Greenshpun

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