Fourth of July Pinterest Fails and Wins


Well… it’s been a year since I blogged, so I figured it might be time for a new post. Okay, okay, I’ll try to blog more in the future. But today, it’s Fourth of July and I needed to make some dishes to bring to our family event, so I decided to check out my Pinterest board and see what Independence Day dishes I had pinned. In true Brandi fashion I had pinned almost only desserts, and I found these delicious-looking hand pies!

Recipe from At the Picket Fence

Recipe from At the Picket Fence

And what’s even better? They are SUPER EASY! Canned pie filling and refrigerated crust? Easy peasy! Well… here are how mine turned out:

20150703_160825Nailed it! I think my problem was too much egg wash. I put it on the front and the back,which made them a little soggy and the back sort of stuck to the pan.

I still needed something to bring to the family event, so I turned to another recipe I had pinned. One of my favorites: Rice Krispie Treats!

Recipe from lil' luna

Recipe from lil’ luna

Thank goodness these turned out much better! Here’s my version of the Fourth of July Rice Krispie Treats:


I think that one was a Pinterest win!

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