Christmas Ornament Giveaway

Ornament GiveawayI’m having a giveaway in my shop, Dorky Dino!

Enter it here! There are many different ways to enter, and the more entries the more likely you are to win!

I’m giving away a set of two clear acrylic Christmas ornaments designed by me. These beautiful clear ornaments were an added bonus sample from my printer, and I’ve decided to pass them onto you! I currently only have two sets and will give one away, and if I get enough entries I might give TWO pairs away! Because the acrylic is clear, you can see the design from either side and Christmas tree lights make the edges glisten beautifully!

The giveaway will end Monday, December 16th and the winner will be announced within 48 hours.

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10 Christmas Gifts for Geeks

10 Christmas Gifts For Geeks

Do you have a geek friend or loved one that you’re looking for a gift for? I’ve put together a list of ten gifts that are easy to geek out over! Plus, to top it off, each one is hand made by a small business!

Tomb Raider Print

“Just Keep Moving” Print of a digital painting by artist Shelby Underdahl

How cool is this digital painting of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider? You can get an 8.5″ x 11″ print of this original artwork directly from the artist, Shelby Underdahl.

Price: $10.00

Floppy Disk Charm

Floppy disk charm from Hip Hop Candy

For a fan of technology, this adorable smiling floppy disk charm is the perfect choice! That is, if you know someone who still remembers floppy disks!

Price: $5.00

Batman Soap

Bat signal soap from The Charming Frog

Batman or BATHman? Represent your favorite super hero with handmade soap by The Charming Frog!

Price: $7.00

Doctor Who Cuff

Doctor Who cuff bracelet from Geek Details

Know someone who is a fan of the show Doctor Who? This cuff bracelet has the Doctor’s name written in Gallifreyen. If there’s anything geeks love it’s something that only a fellow fan will recognize!

Price: $25.00

Dungeons and Dragons Photograph

Dungeons and Dragons photograph print by Brandi Miller Art (Yes, that’s me!)

This photograph featuring Dungeons and Dragons books and dice would be a perfect addition to a game room!

Price: $15.00

R2D2 Beaded Tapestry

R2D2 beaded ACEO tapestry from Wake Up the Angel

This original tapestry was hand beaded to feature R2D2 from Star Wars. The perfect gift for a geek with an eye for detail!

Price: $45.00


GaMERCaT DS Skin from Sugar Bunny Shop

You could get your favorite gamer this adorable DS skin to customize their Nintendo DS! It features the adorable GaMERCaT along with various video game references.

Price: $19.95

Thor/Loki Friendship Necklace

Thor/Loki friendship necklaces from Grandma Thunderpants

Maybe you have a friend who is a fan of The Avengers! The best part about these hand-scuplted necklaces from Grandma Thundepants is that you’ll have a gift for a friend, and get to keep one for yourself!

Price: $32.00

Cute Dice Bag

Dice bag from Dorky Dino (my other shop)

If you know someone who plays tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons, this dice bag featuring a cute smiling D20 would make an adorable gift!

Price: $8.00

Chell Felt Doll

Chell felt doll from Drowsy Aurora

Fans of the video game Portal will love this handmade doll of the main character, Chell! Geekery you can cuddle with!

Price: $38.00

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Bloody HandI hope everyone has a great Halloween! Creepy new photo to celebrate! That doesn’t quite do it for you? How about some zombie cupcakes?

ZombieCupcakesWebThey’re actually brownies made in a cupcake tray. I iced them and then put crushed Oreos on top as well as walnuts for braaaaaains and some gummy eye balls!

Happy Halloween!

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The Voice of Anxiety and Depression: A Poem

The Voice of Depression

My dentist hates me because I don’t floss.
My doctor hates me because I eat fast food.
My doctor hates me because I don’t exercise.
My doctor hates me because I don’t. sleep. enough.
My boss hates me because I’m always groggy.
My coworkers hate me because I’m not friendly enough.
My clients hate me because I take too long to work.
My friends hate me because I don’t spend enough time with them.
My family hates me because I don’t spend enough time with them.
My spouse hates me because I don’t spend enough time with him.
My guests hate me because I don’t clean enough.
My critics hate me because I don’t practice enough.

Everyone hates me because I can’t find the right balance.

If I could only find the right balance I could be perfect.

But none of this is true.
No one hates me.

I’m the one who hates me.
Because it feels like I can’t do anything right.

I’m diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. It’s something I’ve been learning about and learning to work with on a daily basis. I wrote this poem in an attempt to explain what anxiety and depression can sometimes feel like. Maybe it will help someone else struggling with similar problems. Or maybe it will help others to better understand.

I think it’s important to note that these aren’t necessarily things that I (or anyone with anxiety or depression) believe. Rather, it’s what anxiety and depression try to make us believe. It’s like someone following you around and whispering these things in your ear, and you know it’s a lie, but you can’t help but wonder because it won’t stop talking. So no, I don’t believe everyone hates me (or anyone, for that matter). And I don’t actually hate myself. But when my depression gets really bad, there are times where it really does feel that way.

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Baby Giraffe

I recently took a vacation to Colorado with some friends. The first place we went was the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. It’s a beautiful zoo, and it’s literally on the side of a mountain, so the layout is really neat and you often get to view the animals from above without bars in the way! This made for some great photo opportunities. Above is a baby giraffe, which is one of the first animals we saw!

Giraffe Lick

Can you see this giraffe’s tongue? The giraffes were obsessed with licking these poles for some reason! Makes you wonder how they taste!

African CraneThis is an African Crane. I just love the hairdo on this bird!

MeerkatMeerkats are one of my favorites to see! They’re so cute and fluffy!

The LookoutAnother meerkat, at his watch post.

Cheyenne Mountain ZooHere’s a panorama showing some of the zoo. You can kind of see the layout I was talking about, and the gorgeous view from the zoo!

LionessA lovely lioness.

LionAnd the lion! This lion had been looking away, but one of my friends heard one of the workers say what his name was, so we started saying his name, and he actually looked up at us and that’s how I was able to get this picture!

Elephant BathWe caught this elephant while it was taking a bath!

The Peacock

Lazy Gators


Proud Peahen with ChicksThis was a female peacock with a white coloring. Not fully albino, but a really rare color for a peacock. It was sitting down, and a guy came up and touched it, and when it stood up there were three little babies underneath! So cute!

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Tanner: Adoptable Dog

Tanner01WebMeet Tanner! She’s a female mixed breed (retriever/shepherd) who is in need of a loving home!

Tanner02WebYou can find out more about her on Petfinder.

Tanner03WebIf you’re interested in adopting Tanner, give Phyllis a call at 660 620-2590. Animal FAIR can be found on Facebook. They are based in Sedalia, Missouri. Feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested, and hopefully we can find a home for her!

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Chartreuse Moose Logo Design

I mentioned before that I did paintings for The Chartreuse Moose, a pottery painting studio. I also designed their logo! They used to be called MO Paint and Pottery, but decided to rebrand and change their image, and I was commissioned to design the new logo.

Moose LogosAbove are the initial concepts I sent. The client enjoyed these, but wanted something with more of a “mascot” feel.

MooseSketchesGoing with the mascot feel, I tried a few sketches and ended up going with a combination of the two.

ChartreuseMooseLogoI think the logo turned out great, and they were really happy with it, too.

ChartreuseMooseSignHere’s the lighted logo on their building. Definitely a really fun project!

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